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The Heiress

The Intro







Welcome. You've found your way to The Heiress
One of the most famous and longest running Legacies.
If you're just starting out, this is the right page.

What's this story about?
The Heiress is the story of a girl who was born into a family in order to fulfill a destiny that she's not sure she wants to fulfill.
It's actually a story within a story. This is the story of the Legalos family of Legacy Land. It started many generations ago
when a young Sim named Aristotle bought the biggest piece of land he could afford and started a family that he hoped
would span 10 generations and that they would accomplish and experience anything and everything that there was to do in life.
Our Heiress, Caliopie, comes along in Generation 6 and turns the family upside down. That's where the story really begins
but I promise you'll understand and appreciate it even more if you take a few minutes to meet her ancestors.

This story was based on The Legacy Challenge created by Pinstar
You can read more about it here and maybe even start your own legacy.
(one should note that although this family started as a Legacy Challenge it has grown into
so much more and points and rules are merely guidelines and distant memories)


[If at any point you get lost on this site, which is under long term construction, the old version of the site
with the full story is located here]


Generation 1: Aristotle


Generation 2: Capernicus


Generation 3: Magna


Generation 4: Newton


Generation 5: Socrates



The Kids of Generation 6


The Big Sister


Twin Brother of Caliopie who grows up to really rock.


Twin Sister of Plato who lands on a Reality TV show called "The Heiress"
in order to select her future husband and ends up going on the ride of a lifetime...












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